Sometimes I feel that everything seems endless

But life is like this

It is impossible to live without debt

Debt refers to any kind of debt that needs to be repaid to others

Life learns

go ahead

But I always feel that it absorbs the extremely different energy again

Actually quite tiring

But it’s much better than when I washed the dishes earlier

I really felt like I was going to die four or five times

But that time ,I think it’s doesn’t matter

I have never experienced such a strong mental pressure

With such a strong love

Just try it

Do my best

What is spirituality?

"Honesty is spirituality"

What is superstition?

This is not just for any religion or metaphysics

The same goes for science. Mathematics. Physics. Electronic computers.

Or cook. Draw

Master Xindao said:

"learn is the same

When vaguely general and self-righteous

is superstition"



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