Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing anyway

2 min readNov 5, 2020


Show people things they haven’t seen

Heard something

Working for the will and desire

Practice for what I trust

Not high-sounding

Do what you think

Ugh…. so tiring

What is the meaning of life?

I do not know

What do you think it is?

It doesn’t matter if i die now

Why not live

The future of the world?

Is my vision

You can scold if you want

I didn’t get anything anyway

I am nothing

You can laugh if you want

Anyway, I’m sure I know better than you

Have done more than you

Giving love

The hard work you have done is not fake

How do you tell Buddhism from true to false?


Read and practice by yourself


People are all the same

Just a few words


Maybe i’m fake

But i don’t care

I don’t make a living by Dharma at all. Have you noticed

I don’t make a living by all the things I love or show. Have you noticed?

So they are almost pure love and desire

And I said, I put these things so small here.

There is neither benefit nor deliberately gaining attention.

If you like to watch, you love to watch.

Isn’t it

Including what I’m talking about now

Why do I have to tell you this

Everything before my eyes and what I hear

Just pure love and desire

Maybe it’s more enjoyable for you to watch the series produce romantic fantasy

It’s nothing bad. It’s just boring

Or look at the social news and scold this and scold that. It’s expressing for you

It’s nothing bad. It’s just boring

Or pass on some knowledge.oh, I don’t even know if it’s good knowledge.

Everyone said it would be good


Then I didn’t do anything, didn’t absorb or practice

Life falls to this

Just become too boring

in this point

I don’t think you guys are qualified to talk to me