I always feel that something may need to be built

I thought so for a while

Everyone is crying for help

How could I still ask for help from someone in need

But everything is in everything

So it’s not hurt to seek comfort occasionally

In fact, many high-ranking people are not so concerned about the welfare of the public

People in high positions should have more responsibilities

It’s all like this

You who can see these now

Looking down

If you don’t really do something good for the public

That should be ashamed

Any kind of monitoring is inappropriate

See more

Have more ability

They are all abilities acquired to satisfy those who really need it

Divinity always supports all life

Continuation of everything

That is the intention of the source

The significance of traceability

It’s not about making a lot of money

Become very proud and complacent

Be arrogant to others

This kind of boring thing

That is far from responsibility



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