How is the world formed?

1 min readJun 9, 2021

Believe first

Rely on

And yearning for the road afterwards

And in love

And cherish

All those thoughts are just transitioning

Creation. Practice. The Way Out

Roles played

Loved people and things

Some plays, some songs

Some beautiful words

Or openly or privately

Sometimes malicious, oppressive

Sometimes good

But the sun rises every morning, as usual

Night comes every day


And need moderate rest

Have disease

Let people learn to take care of each other, caring, and sincerely pray for each other.

Let the good, , really helpful,kindness, the beautiful, the continuation

Let people learn to protect and consider each other in disasters.

Care about each other's survival and growth

The words that make people learn to speak in the face of death and pain are I love you

Thank you for being by my side

Let people learn to take the blessings of others to heart

Instead of spending as much as possible and shirking mistakes

Then i love you